February Travel Diaries: 10 Days Abroad: Havana, Cuba & Hulhulé, Maldives

KLASSIC T BABY, is jammed packed with so many travels happening, especially with NY Fashion Week beginning. Then there's London, Milan, & Paris Fashion Week around the corner as well. We here at team KLASSIC T BABY are busy trying to get everything done. And when I say EVERYTHING WE MEAN EVERYTHING why you ask well its been a month of traveling and seeing some familiar places and some new places. In the month of February, I went Maldives and Cuba. My first time ever going to Cuba. I was in Hulhulé, Maldives for five day. I wast there with PROTEINWORLD in paradise and it was the most fun I had in a long time. I met new friends and reconnected with old friends which was the best time! I was there working on something special that will be out FALL 2018! Can't wait for you all to see what I was working on. Like I said before in January's travel diaries I know some of you get upset when I don't share what I am working on. The reason I don't post like that on social media is for two reasons I can spill the beans easily when it comes to giving away what I am working on. And second, I get too excited then I am ready to spill everything. Keep your eyes peeled for what's to come. We stayed on a private yacht, the Marselia Star, Luxury Yacht; which was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and cannot begin to express to you how beautiful and life changing yacht life is. It was the most beautiful and breathtaking moment of my life. Any of my OG followers know how much I love I gushed about the Maldives the first time I went, but I stayed in a private villa, which was a wonderful experience as well.

Cuba is absolutely beautiful I will never forget that beautiful place.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to explore a beautiful for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER, the culture, the architecture, the people, the food, music, just EVERYTHING about Cuba screams love, romance, adventure. I went to Cuba with TIGER MIST for a campaign which was amazing. I spent 5 luxurious enchanting days in Cuba. I have to admit that now I am back I miss it there sooo sooo much. TIGER MIST  has a campaign that they have been doing for awhile, to take models around the world, which is one of the most rewarding humble experiences anyone could experience. Having the opportunity to explore another culture and learning of the culture and trying the food is so amazing and life changing. I did not care that I barely had service to be on social media, I was just grateful for the service I had to talk with my family so they knew I was okay and in good health. I was in Cuba for another collaboration  campaign opportunity for 2018 and I think you guys are going to be so stoked when I reveal the surprise. We stayed in the city of Havana; which might I add is a beautiful sight to see. We stayed in Blue Mansion, Hostal My Way; which is one incredible place all I have to say is that its truly and utterly and enchanting paradise for sure.

Hulhulé, Maldives 


Havana, Cuba 


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