If your significant other isn’t into rom-com’s, it’s the one night of the year you can convince them to watch- be sure to download Moviegrade and use the blend feature to help you and your special someone pick the perfect movie for a romantic night!
Crazy Stupid Love (2011)Between Gosling’s abs, Emma Stone’s fast talking wisecracks, Steve Carell’s impressive transformation and a twist you won’t see coming, Crazy Stupid Love will keep everyone happy this Valentine’s Day.
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True Romance (1993)
True romance is a Tarantino-penned, Bonnie & Clyde-esque classic with the added bonus of Brad Pitt. No Valentine’s movie collection should be without it.
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The Big Sick (2017)You don’t see many comedy movies based on true stories.The Big Sick is a funny, moving and very real portrayal of two people falling in love.
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Romeo & Juliet (1996)We all know it doesn’t end well, but it still makes us want to believe in love at first sight.
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The Wedding Singer (1998)Adam Sandler rocks the best mullet ever in his ode to the 80’s, playing a talented wedding singer falling for waitress Drew Barrymore. Arguably Sandler’s best film. (Sorry, ‘Waterboy’ fans.)
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About Time (2013)This film is from the creators of Love Actually, and it’s worth a try for anyone looking for a well-done romantic comedy.
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Singles (1992)For everyone celebrating “Singles Awareness Day,” we got you!
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Pretty Woman (1990)Let’s be clear: I love Julia Roberts. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
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Love & Basketball (2000)You won’t have to twist your boyfriend’s arm to watch this one.
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Cruel Intentions (1999)Cruel Intentions was made for one purpose only – to satisfy the uncontrollable urges of an entire generation of horny teenagers, which is why it’s the perfect movie to slap on before you slap it.
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