About two months I attended the Demi Lovato exclusive show at the New York City Centre. I was taken by my lovely friends at MasterCard  and American Air. I went home for a couple of days to spend time with family. In turn my manager Hayley called me to inform me that I will have concerts tickets waiting for me at the New York City Centre in the city on 01/24/18, I was beyond shocked I didn't know what was happening at first but then it hit that MasterCard is a sponsors and they always take good care of me. Not only do I have two MasterCard's, but I pay them off religiously and ensure that I keep in good standing with them. American Air is not one of my sponsors, but a few of my sponsors do go through them when we would have to travel. Nothing more amazing than to have such sweet sponsors. Not only did they take me to the New York City Centre, they are also taking me to the Capital One Centre in Washington DC. So excited I received my ticket to see Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled, with special guest Khelani on 3/24, which worked out because I have to take my God daughter, sister, and cousin because they parents so happened to volunteer me to take them. I'm not complaining because I am going to go and have the best time of my life so excited.

The concert at the New York City Center was not only intimate, but amazing this would be my first time seeing Demi Lovato in concert, back in 2016 I was supposed to go to the Future Now Tour, but due to work and school at the time I had to give up my ticket I only heard how amazing it was I was sad I couldn't go, but now I have the opportunity to see her and experience the amazingness of her hows I am so excited to experience this with my some of my favourite little. Now back to the New   York City Center concert it was wonderful she is a powerhouse. Her voice is something I cannot explain. When she begins to sing you feel chills in a good way he voice puts you in a sultry mood and it helps you to grasp your emotions in all kinds of ways.

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