This book is a real story written by a very strong woman. The fact she was willing to write things about herself that weren’t always positive, tells you we can all relate to her struggles. Anyone can relate to her story and the families journey. I encourage everyone to read this book and enjoy. From the very beginning of the book it is clear that Dianna poured her heart & soul into this. We've heard a lot of Demi's story over the years, but little was given about her background & the family she came from. In reading this book, it becomes clear that the determination, resilience, & strength that Demi has shown is a direct result of having Dianna as her mother. Dianna's willingness to open herself up to judgement in telling her story is admirable and the situations she describes are ones that many families can find themselves in, even if they haven't gone the route to stardom. It is written in a way that you feel as if you're experiencing the story as it unfolds & is hard to put down once you've started. This is a book that not only fans of Demi & her family will enjoy, but others who are looking to understand the way that addiction/mental illness can affect the entire family & how a mother's strength & love can far surpass the challenges life brings. This book is the most inspiring, empowering, influence, eye opening book I’ve ever read. Dianna and her family have made a huge impact in my life personally with the struggles I have faced and still face! This book has shown me that I’m not alone IN ANY BATTLE THAT COMES MY WAY! This book shows resilience, strength and bravery .. and the courage to tell a emotional and LIFE CHANGING story! I’ve faced many challenges in life from bullying, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, SH, BP, going to Treatment etc and all of these are discussed in this book.. the more I read this book the more I know about myself and how I too can overcome the battles I haven’t gotten a grip on yet and how I can be brave enough to ask for help! Dianna is the true definition of a hero not only for her daughters but for the billions of other people she will touch with this book. The realization that they could live a happy and healthy life they deserve! It’s not all emotional .. there’s some really amazing and interesting things about Diannas Family and her family now and there’s some humor too! The hardships, life lessons, BRAVERY AND HONESTY.. The good and the bad.. and all the above this book has been such a light in my life.. and so have the De La Garza & Lovato Family! I recommend this book to ANY AGE! To parents whose kids are struggling and they’re missing the little and big signs.. to young teens who need help but feel alone and are too afraid to ask .. to young adults trying to find there place in this world.. to ANYONE WHO MAY NEED TO LEARN A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THEMSELVES .. and of course know about this incredible.. resilient.. empowering.. inspiring.. BRAVE.. COURAGEOUS.. & STRONG Family.. Once you start.. You won’t be able to stop!!! This book is literally my new favorite book ever. After reading just the prologue , it brought tears to my eyes. I love the Lovato and De La Garza family so much that it broke my heart reading about their trials and tribulations. Dianna is so raw and vulnerable in detailing an intricate and beautiful novel about their family. I strongly recommend this book even if you don't know the family, because it still sends an empowering message. I finished the book after a couple of days of reading and it is amazing to perceive the journey of this beautiful family. I felt frustration, sadness and at times was so into each chapter's obstacles that I wanted to reach in a hug each and every one of these women. It is true that sometimes we search for happiness and forget to find it amongst each other. I am happy, however, that this family's love was not shattered by the many challenges they faced. Such an inspiration and so many mental health issues I can also relate to. Thank you Dianna for sharing your story, I hope this book's message makes it to millions in need of it.If you are a mother that would do anything for your own children including putting your own needs aside, then you should read this book. If you know someone who struggles with mental health issues - anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self loathing,..., then you should read this book. This is not just a book about a mom trying to raise famous daughters, it is a book about a mom trying to do her very best for her family while failing sometimes, and how you can manage it. It is a heartfelt story about raising girls, facing trials, and coming out on top as a family! 


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